Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swimming Pool Ionizers

  • Questa Poolfresh Ionic Purifier

  • Disperses copper and silver ions into the water at an automatically controlled rate allowing a safe residual of trace elements to be maintained at all times
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Comes with 12V transformer
  • Important: Do not use Ionic Purifiers on brominated or PHMB pools
  • Supplied with 2.00"-1.50" reducing bushes
  • Each 5kg of Poolfresh Plus requires 1kg of Sodium Bicarbonate to balance the water

Aligator Ionizing System

  • The Aligator works by harmlessly charging ions in the water which creates a residual disinfectant/ algaecide throughout the whole pool. No other system other than chemical saturation will do this.
  • The Aligator programmes itself. Once the size of the pool has been entered into its computer, the computer continually monitors the condition of the electrodes and the pool water, and will alert the user if attention is needed by a flashing red light and an audio alarm.
  • The Aligator is a fully automatic system and gives considerable savings over conventional chemical sanitisation. It reduces the need for chemical sanitising by up to 75% and eliminates the need for flocculents, water clarifiers and algaecides.


Puronizer Ionic Purifier

  • Utilises electrolysis to release copper and silver ions, providing an extremely efficient method of sterilising pool water
  • Enables chlorine reduction of up to 60%
  • Comes with new easy view cell unit

Contact Mike or Carl Payne on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com for further details and prices on your ionizer system for your swimming pool.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ozone Swimming Pool Control System

How Does Ozone Work
Ozone is generated when a molecule of oxygen is illuminated by high energy ultraviolet light.
Ozone is formed when three atoms of oxygen are bound together instead of the normal two. The extra
oxygen atom makes ozone a highly energetic oxidiser. Ozone destroys algae, viruses and bacteria on contact  with no harmful by-products. It also breaks down harmful chemicals and acts as a flocculent, causing Total Dissolved Solids to be suspended and easily removed by the water filtration process. Ozone oxidises combined chlorine and bromine, freeing them to be continuously re-used. Therefore the use – and cost – of chemicals is greatly reduced.
Ozone Generator
Benifits of Using Ozone

■ Reduces the need for
harsh, costly chemicals
■ Save on maintenance,
time and money
■ Helps to eliminate eye
and skin irritation, hair
damage and chemical
■ Have crystal-clear water
that smells fresh, feels
softer and is more
■ Utilises aerospace
technology that has made
purification safe and cost
effective for even the
smallest applications
■ More than 2 million pools
and spas use V.U.V.
Ozone Systems
■ Ozone has been used for
over a century by large
water systems worldwide
■ The EPA recently made
ozone a requirement for
drinking water in the USA

Perfect for Pools

Prozone Water Purification Systems can easily be installed in new pools or retrofitted to existing pools. The Prozone system attaches to the water circulation system quickly and easily, generating ozone and injecting it into the the return, where it instantly purifies the water. In the process, ozone biologically destroys bacteria, virus and algae and oxidises metals which bond together for easy removal by the filter.

Ideal For Spas

The Prozone Water Purification System offers clear advantages for spas. The chemistry of a spa can change faster and more dramatically than a pool. High water temperatures – as well as increased amounts of body chemicals and organic matter given off by bathers – creates a breeding ground for contaminants and reduces the effects of chemicals.
That’s why a Prozone system is a better solution. It completely disinfects the water while the circulation is running. So the spa not only stays sanitary, Prozone keeps the water as you expect – clean, clear and safe.

PZ2 - Large Commercial Systems

PZ2 units provide superior ozone generation by pressurising the lamp cartridges and superior ozone mass transfer into water from the turbulence created by the compressed air stream. PZ2 units require no operator interface once they are set-up. No recurring maintenance or special skills are required. The PZ2 Series has a hardware warranty for a full one year on residential and  commercial systems. Custom Engineered For Each Application 
The PZ2 Series ozone generators are custom engineered for each application. This allows for a fast and easy installation with a simple coupling connection to the plumbing. All units have pressurised cartridges combined with high airflow compressors to produce maximum ozone output. Systems may be combined to treat any swimming pool systems up to 7,500,000 litres. They are designed for use in the most demanding environments and can withstand heavy impacts. Since the PZ2 Series systems have multiple redundant design, there is no down-time due to cartridge failure.

The Prozone degasing column removes excess air after the water ozonated to prevent bubbles from entering the pool. The unit consists of a column with an air vent attached to the top. Excess air is removed by using the natural buoyancy of bubbles and a counter flow design that allows for the removal of 99% of injected air. A degassing column can be an optional extra for any PZ2 system.

Contact Mike or Carl Payne for a quote on your ozone system on Tel 0208 577 6669 or you can email them on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lifesaving Swimming Pool Equipment

Lifeguard Chair is stainless steel with wheels to be able to move to different positions around the pool side.
Lifeguard Chair

Life hook

Mike Payne Pool supplies can source and supply your pool side life saving equipment, the range includes lifeguard chairs with a high viewing platform, lifebuoys and life saving pole hooks. Many other pieces of life saving equipment are available just give Mike or Carl Payne a call on Tel 02085776669 or email directly Mike on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Swimming Pool Maintenance Products

HD70L Liner Vacuum Head
Designed specifically for use in liner pools but suitable for
cleaning concrete pools. The HD70L incorporates a flow
control valve, hard wearing bristles and a clear see-through
body. It is supplied with an 1.5" vacuum hose nozzle.
1.25" nozzles are available upon request.

HD70 FlexVac
Features of the HD70 include a unique flexible body with
encapsulated wheels, an extra long nozzle for 1.5" vacuum
hose, vent holes and attractive design.
FA19 The Fairlocks Vacuum
Still reputed to be the best cleaner available,
the FA19 has a 46 cm (18" head), adjustable brushes,
un-matched manoeuvrability and is suitable for 1.5"
and 2" vacuum hose.

HD66 Pool Brush
Four rows of superior nylon bristle on a tough shaped
polypropylene stock give the HD66 the edge over all other
brushes on the market. Guaranteed to give many years of
service and not to be compared with cheaper alternatives.

HD67 Leaf Net
Very durable frame and integral Pine-mesh net for
removing floating debris on the surface of your pool.

HD68N Leaf Rake
Virtually unbreakable frame with moulded-in net and
scoop for cleaning the bottom of the pool.

HD69 Algae Brush
Specially designed swivel head for easy cleaning of walls
and floors. The high quality stainless steel bristles are ideal
for removing algae from pool wall surfaces.

CX Floating Vacuum Hose
For commercial or private pools, the CX hose is available
in the following lengths of 38mm/1.5": 9 metre (CX9),
12 metre (CX12), 15 metre (CX15), 18 metre (CX18),
25metre (CX25); also available in 50mm (2") in a 20 metre
length (CX20/2). It is suitable for all climates and used
extensively worldwide.

CK48, CK612 & CK816 Telescopic Handles
The grip lock mechanism enables easy adjustment of
pole length and the comfortable hand grip makes use of
the Certikin poles a real pleasure. The poles are designed
for use with any of the Certikin accessories as well as
those manufactured by others. Available in three sizes,
4'–8' (1.22–2.44m), 6'–12' (1.83–3.66m) and 8'–16'

CKC8 Commercial Handle
Supplied in 8' (2.44m) lengths, the poles may be joined
together to achieve a length of up to 24'.

TK111 Pool Test Kits
Simple to use test kits for checking pH and chlorine
or bromine levels. (Other test kits available.)
A choice of three thermometers with a string for securing
to ladder or handrail, all very easy to read in either Celsius
or Fahrenheit:
HD72 Plastic scoop thermometer
HD72F Plastic floating thermometer
CK 82 Chrome plated thermometer

Contact Mike or Carl Payne on Tel 0205776669   or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Friday, January 18, 2013

Commercial Swimming Pool Automatic Cleaners

Automatic Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner - Dolphin D3001C

  • Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 Self-Diagnostic Cleaning for Semi Public Pools
  • For public / semi-Olympic pools up to 25m (80’) in length
  • Scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and filters the entire pool in 6 hours
  • Self-programming for optimal scanning of entire midsize pools
  • Climbs walls
  • Air sensor for beach-entry pools
  • Large filter surface
  • Cable length – 30m (100’)
  • Caddy for easy carrying and storage
  • Additional filter bag
  • Please note that Demo Dolphins are available for customers to ’try before they buy’. (UK only)

Commerical Pool Cleaner Dolphin D3001C

    Automatic Commercial Pool Cleaner Dolphin Wave

    The professional, non-compromising answer for systematic, thorough and reliable pool cleaning for Olympic-sized and public-sized pools.

    Scanning: Intelligent navigation system ensures complete coverage of every pool type and shape.
    Brushing: Active brushing system with rotating brushes specially designed to brush, scrub and remove dirt from the pool floor, slopes, edges and corners.
    Filtration: High filtration capacity and super power of 40m3/hr through two unique 50 micron easy-to-replace disposable filter bags. Top, user-friendly access to the filter bags.
    MMI (Man Machine Interface): An interactive state-of-the-art MMI digital user-friendly control panel enabling full control of the cycle time, operation delay, scanning system (navigation, logical), diagnosis of technical function and parameters. Remote control for manual manoeuvring. Self entry and submerging into the pool.
    Safety: Safety and reliability - overload detection mechanism for protection, designing for long-lasting, safe operation with a low voltage of 38 volts.
    Robustness: Robust, heavy-duty design to meet the tough demands of daily use in public pools.
    Warranty: Full 2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. User-friendly poolside maintenance.

    Dolphin Wave Specification
  • Suction rate – 40m3/hr (10,560 gal/hr)
  • Suction width – 700mm (27.5”)
  • Cable length – 40m (131’)
  • Unit weight – 25kg (55.1 lbs)
  • Unit dimensions – W 700 x L 580 x H 300 mm (W 27.5” x L 22.8” x H 11.8”)
Automatic Commericial Pool Cleaner - Dolphin Wave

Watch the Video of the Wave in Action

Contact mike or Carl Payne for a demo and quote on the commercial pool cleaner Dolphin D3001C or the Dolphin Wave.
Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Calorex Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Why buy a Calorex heat pump, what are the savings and efficiencies of installing a heat pump to heat a swimming pool.

The main advantages of a Calorex heat pump
  • 74% less emissions than an oil boiler
  • Low operating cost
  • Designed and built especially for swimming pools
  • water heated to 35°C
  • Simple installation
  • Long lifespan
  • Suitable for swimming pools in operation throughout the year*
  • Minimum maintenance

Types of Calorex Heat Pumps:

Compac Swimming Pool Heat Pump Range:

Compac Heat Pump for swimming Pool from Calorex

How does it work?
Heat is transferred to the pool water from the ambient air using a vapour compressor cycle similar to that found in a refrigerator. Clean and environmentally friendly. The low energy consumption coupled with high heat production makes a Compac heat pump an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Unlike alternative ways of heating your pool, the Compac requires no fuel storage tank or high capacity electrical supply and produces no smells, fumes or CO2 gases.

Easy installation
Your Compac heat pump should be installed outdoors, allowing adequate air flow to the unit. It should be installed upstream of any pool purification systems and chemical dosing systems. Care should be taken not to add chemicals directly to the skimmer which would result in concentrated chemical solutions passing directly through the Compac, and water quality should be maintained within recommended
standards to maintain the guarantee.

Low pool heating bills
You pay only for the cost of electricity to run the motor inside – the heat that is absorbed from the air is free, making a Compac heat pump efficient and cost effective.

Com-Pac Heat Pump Range:

AW6CPCompac 6 Heat Pump
AW8CPCompac 8 Heat Pump
AW12CPCompac 12 Heat Pump

Calorex heat pump brochure Compac Brochure and Specification Details

Summer Heating Commercial Range of Heat Pumps:

AW3020BM3020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
AW7020BM7020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
All Year Heating Commercial Range of Heat Pumps:

AW3020BMY3020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
AW7020BMY7020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø

Calorex Heat Pump Pro-Pac Range

Pro-Pac Heat Pumps For the Summer season

Swimming Pool Pro-Pac Heat Pump Range

The Pro-Pac ‘X’ Range comes complete with an advanced hot gas defrost facility specifically designed for the UK’s changing climate. They can be placed discreetly in the pool area or sited in a plant room. They are quiet, ecologically friendly and economic to run. They come with titanium heat exchangers which are compatible will all types of water treatment. These models are elegant and simple to use. Just set the digital thermostat to ensure fully automatic operation throughout the summer season.

The Pro-Pac ‘Y’ Range are purpose designed for swimming pool heating and can be installed outside or in a plant room. They are highly efficient with a wound tube in tube Titanium condenser and come with a rotary or scroll compressor and water flow switch. They have a
remote thermostat control option and can be fitted with a soft start should the installation require and are produced in 8kW to 22kW sizes, in both single and three phase models.

The Pro-Pac Commercial Range are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of larger pools or those with a high level of activity, such as the leisure industry. Strong and reliable, the Pro-Pac Commercial Range includes five models up to 120kW output and are available in summer and reverse cycle all year round models. Pro-Pac units are quiet and easy to use and
come with titanium heat exchangers, a flow switch, digital thermostat and vertical ventilation as standard.

Brochure and Technical Specifications  Brochure Carolex Pro-Pac Range of Heat Pumps.

Summer Season Heat Pumps:

PPT30BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 30 - 3Ø
PPT45BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 45 - 3Ø
PPT70BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 70 - 3Ø
PPT90BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 90 - 3Ø
PPT140BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 140 - 3Ø

All Year Round Heat Pumps:

PPT16ALYPro-Pac 16 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT16ALYSPro-Pac 16 - 1Ø Heat pump - c/w soft start
PPT22ALYPro-Pac 22 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT12BLYPro-Pac 12 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT16BLYPro-Pac 16 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT8ALYPro-Pac 8 - 1Ø Heat Pump
PPT12ALYPro-Pac 12 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT22BLYPro-Pac 22 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT22ALYSPro-Pac 22 - 1Ø Heat pump - c/w soft start
PPT30BMYPro-Pac model 30Y - 3Ø
PPT45BMYPro-Pac model 45Y - 3Ø
PPT70BMYPro-Pac model 70Y - 3Ø
PPT90BMYPro-Pac model 90Y - 3Ø
PPT140BMYPro-Pac model 140Y - 3Ø
If you require any assistance in sourcing your heat pump for your swimming pool give Mike or Carl Payne a call on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Commercial Pool Chemcials

Commercial Pool Chemicals

Commercial Pool Chemicals

We supply a comprehensive range of swimming pool and #spachemicals, together with 500ltr or 1000ltr Sodium Hypochlorite pump overs.
Our range includes liquids, granular and tablet sanitisers, and all associated water balance chemicals, plus shock treatment formulations, and speciality products
for both pool and spa applications.
All necessary technical information and current  COSH data sheets are readily available, just contact Mike or Carl Payne on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email: mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Full Range of #CommercialPoolChemicals

Swimming Pool Water Test Kits

Swimming Pool Chemical Test Kits

Swimming Pool Test Kit

A comprehensive range of both manual and electronic photometer test sets are available, together with all necessary replacement test tablets, and sample cells.
Please contact us for specific technical details on a particular model. Call Mike or Carl Payne  
Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Electronic photometer test sets

Pool Test Kit Comparator

Swimming Pool Under water Lights

Underwater Swimming Pool Light PU9

The Certikin underwater light incorporates features absent from other underwater systems. The unique Micallef fittings at the niche and deck box enable the installer to fit non-standard conduit lengths. 15m reels are available – part no. SPC464.
Every light comes complete with a factory fitted clear polycarbonate safety cover (PU15C). Also available in blue, red and green, these can be purchased along with a compatible front plate to suit existing installations (PU15N).
Every light comes with a finishing fascia ring. The liner/shutter version clips onto the clamp plate hiding unsightly screw heads; the concrete version is easily fitted to the niche surround and is designed to cover tiling edges.
The fascia rings are compatible with all Certikin underwater lights manufactured since 1968 and are available as spares for retro-fitting (Concrete – SPC475; Liner SPC476).
Bulb changing is now easier than ever with combination pozidrive / slotted screw heads, locating lugs
and high-tech nickel plated inserts.
The niche is cleverly designed to angle the beam down by 5 degrees which means the lights can be positioned to accomplish the optimum effect in the pool without glare at the poolside.

Certikin Under Water Lights Brochure 

PU9CS 300W 12V for concrete pools
PU9LS 300W 12V for liner pools
PU9CLS 300W 12V ror concrete ‘shutter’ pools

PU9CH 100W 11.5V Halogen for concrete
PU9LH 100W 11.5V Halogen for liner pools
PU9CLH 100W 11.5V Halogen for concrete ‘shutter’ pools
Replacement sealed unit   PU93S/H/ST

Replacement ‘guts’ units with conventional or halogen bulbs PU93S or PU93H. Each pack includes the entire internal unit for the PU9 light, a new PU10N deck box lid, screws and a pull string for easy installation.
PU9HG. For all existing Certikin halogen light installations, the PU9HG unit provides the easiest possible bulb change. Simply unplug the quick release cable at the pool side and plug in the new unit.  PU9ST – Alternative to PU93S gut pack comes complete with stainless steel front plate. Replacement bulb kits PU8 & SPC556HN
The PU8 is the only replacement bulb kit suitable for the conventional 300 watt light, it is supplied complete with accessories essential when changing the bulb – o’ring , terminal screws and emery paper for cleaning the cable terminals.
The MK2 halogen bulb kit (SPC556HN) includes a replacement bulb, a cleaning cloth for polishing
the stainless steel reflector and a replacement o’ring. Deck Box PU10N Deck mounted junction box
for connecting the cables between the u/w light and the transformer. The PU10N has a square frame to make tiling easier and its double o’ring sealing system makes it IP65 – jet proof and water tight. Underwater light connector PU9UC The u/w light ‘quick release connector’ (PU9UC) rated as IP68 – completely submersible – this optional accessory can be fitted to the cable of existing conventional underwater lights. Designed to be wired in minutes it means that future bulb changing can be carried out away from the poolside.

If you require any assistance for your swimming pool under water lights please contact Mike Payne on Tel:0208 577 6669 or email: mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Commercial Pool Rollers

 Single Commercial Pool Roller

  • Clifton rollers are a light commercial manual roller recommended for large domestic pools and smaller commercial pools up to 7.5 metres wide and 15 metres in length for single rollers and 15 metres wide and 25 metres in length for twin rollers.
  • They are suitable for carrying all Certikin floating covers.
  • Both single and twin models are available with a 3:1 ratio slip-gear system to make operation easier.
  • Certikin’s Aquablade towing system is recommended for use with the Clifton roller.
  • If ordering with a cover, the cover will be connected to the roller in our factory unless requested otherwise. Pricing for the roller only, please price for the cover, connection piece and Aquablade separately.

Single Commercial Pool Roller

ABCCP08/AClifton 5:1 reduction helical gear box

Double Commercial Pool Roller

  • Clifton rollers are a light commercial manual roller recommended for large domestic pools and smaller commercial pools up to 7.5 metres wide and 15 metres in length for single rollers and 15 metres wide and 25 metres in length for twin rollers.
  • They are suitable for carrying all Certikin floating covers.
  • Both single and twin models are available with a 3:1 ratio slip-gear system to make operation easier.
  • Certikin’s Aquablade towing system is recommended for use with the Clifton roller.
  • If ordering with a cover, the cover will be connected to the roller in our factory unless requested otherwise. Pricing for the roller only, please price for the cover, connection piece and Aquablade separately.

Double Commercial Pool Roller

Contact Mike Payne Pool Supplies on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Hot Tub Accessories

Hot Tub Accessories
Essentials range of hot tub accessories which include steps, towel rails, drink trays, parasols, covers, lifters and fragrances download the brochure here Essentials Brochure

Established in 1993, Essentials has grown to become Europe’s largest collection of spa and hot tub accessories, all available from a single source.
The brand includes many hundreds of lines, offering an attractive opportunity for hot tub retailers looking to capitalise on additional sales at the point of purchase.
Available for immediate despatch, all products have been acquired through reliable and reputable sources, and are supplied complete with a guarantee for product quality.
If you are a customer looking to purchase Essential Spa accessories Mike Payne Pool Supplies independent supplier.
Products Stocked:
Essentials spa steps
Essentials spa cover lifters
Essentials water treatment products
Essentials toys
Essentials maintenance products
Essentials parasols
Essentials replacement filter cartridges
Essentials lighting
Essentials garden games
Essentials fragrances
Essentials drinksware
Essentials comfort products
Essentials cleaning products
Contact Mike Payne on 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swimming Pool Cleaners

    Baracuda Auto Pool Cleaning System MX8:

  • Covers all areas of the pool, no matter what shape or pool floor
  • Captures all types of debris
  • Better coverage for extraordinary cleaning precision
  • New turbine design allows MX8 to operate in low flow conditions
  • Ergonomic molded handle
  • Quick and easy installation

    Super G Plus:
    Designed to reach every last little nook and cranny, the Super G+ avoids all obstacles and climbs the walls, thanks to its double open disc. Fitted with a new, longer-life diaphragm, its cleaning power has been optimised to an even greater degree. The Super G+ has become ultra-strong, thanks to its new, dual-colour hoses constructed with specific materials and treated with a special coating giving the grooves an even longer life-span. To increase efficiency, the Super G+ has been equipped with a new automatic valve and delivered with a leaf trap.

  • Baracuda membrane technology (diaphragm) suction power, reliability and silent operation
  • Notched disc for improved performance
  • Anti-jamming deflector wheel
  • Easy to install
  • Bottoms: flat and gentle slopes
  • Floor cleaning only
  • 2 year warranty

Pool Cleaner from Baracuda
For all your pool cleaner needs give Mik Payne Pool Supplies a call on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com for a quote.ur

Swimming Pool Heat Retention Covers

    Heat retention bubble covers:

    Certikin heat retention bubble covers are manufactured from the highest grade materials and are suitable for all pools. Based on a 400 micron density bubble material and with a tough, tear resistant woven suface, these covers are suitable for frequent use areas where durability is essential. Our new solar weave is particularly suitable for outdoor pools as it combines the features of a heat retention cover with the translucent surface of a solar blanket, thus also benefiting from solar gain. As with all Certikin covers, floor level welding makes them as flat and even as possible. Hemming is available for extra longevity, and covers can be made to size or are easily trimmed on site.

  • Tough, tear resistant top surface for longevity and improved heat retention.
  • Semi-transparent colouring also allows solar gain.
  • Increased UV protection.
  • Weight 540g/m2 : 2060mm panel width : density 400 micron

Heat Retention Swimming Pool Cover 400 Microns

  • Bubbleweave material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor pools
  • The opaque, reinforced surface is tear resistant for maximum strength and durability
  • Bubbleweave Heat Retention covers are made and costed in a similar way to Solar Blankets.

Swimming Pool Heat Retention Cover with extra strong weave top
If you have your dimensions of your pool and are looking for a replacement swimming pool heat retention cover give Mike Payne a call on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Deep Bed Sand Filter by Mike Payne pool Supplies

    A new range of laminated polyester filters with 1.2 metre media bed depth. Available with lateral under drain system or nozzle plate option. An ideal solution for refurbishments, light commercial pools, hydro-therapy pools and commercial spas.

  • Improved filtration due to deeper media bed enabling longer contact time with the water.

    Standard Features
  • Bolted top sand charge lid
  • Ø200mm sand service hatch (Ø400mm available on 1050 and 1200 models)
  • Manual air and water purge
  • Top mounted pressure gauge
  • Internal pipework is supported to provide stability during operation
  • Reinforced base for extra strength under loading

    Technical Data
  • 1.2 metre media bed depth
  • 2.5 bar max operating pressure
  • 3.75 bar max test pressure
  • 50ºC max working temperature

  • Sight glass
  • Ø400mm service hatch on 1050 & 1200 models
  • For ozone treatment, filters with an internal vinylester coating are required. Price on application.
Deep Bed Sand Filter Supplied By Mike Payne Pool Supplies Tel 0208 5776669
You can contact MiKe Payne Pool Supplies by emailing mikepayne1@btconnect.com  Mike would be only too happy to help you with all your sand filter needs.

Swimming Pool Oil Heater Boilers

The most comprehensive oil fired pool and spa heater on the market. Certikin’s oil fired swimming pool and spa heater has been designed and manufactured to provide both ease of installation, and highly efficient, reliable performance.

Oil fired swimming pool heater boiler

A state of the art electronic control panel created especially for oil pool heating and central heating applications which is easy to use and includes an accurate display of pool temperature. The diagnostic control panel includes a pressure gauge and LED lights to indicate everything from the boiler being turned on
to burner lockout. Four accurate thermostats control the pool water temperature, the boiler temperature, the safety high limit and the automatic by-pass (not fixed).
Condensation inside the water jacket is minimised to maximise the operating life of the boiler.

The heater comes complete, pre-plumbed and pressure tested resulting in ease of installation and peace of mind for the customer. A high efficiency counterflow water to water heat exchanger is used for pool water heating. System inhibitor is supplied with every heater.

All connections to the heater are made externally on the
left hand side of the cabinet.
The connections are as follows:
• Pool water in & out - 1 1/2” plastic pipe.
• Oil - 10mm compression fitting with filter.
• Sealed system pressure relief valve.
• Sealed system fill / drain point complete with filling loop and valves - 15mm.

For further details you can download a brochure here Oil fired swimming pool boilers or call Mike Payne on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Aquaspeed Swimming Pool Pumps

    The Certikin Aquaspeed pump is completely self priming and is available in a wide range of sizes from 0.5HP (0.25kW) to 3HP (2.2kW) in single and three phase. A 2 speed 1.5HP (1.1kW) single phase version is also available. Suitable for both pools and spas and can be used on salt-chlorinated pools - the perfect pump!
Aquaspeed swimming pool pumps
      • Solid clear pump lid for easy inspection of the pump basket
      • Secondary seal for added pump motor protection
      • Comes complete with 2” quick connect unions for ease of
      • 316 high grade mechanical seal
      • Suitable for salt chlorinated pools
      • Hydraulically efficient impellor and diffuser design for
      maximum hydraulic output whilst minimising turbulence
      • Single piece fibreglass filled pump body to ensure maximum
      strength and durability
      • UV stabilised and corrosion resistant pump body
      • TUV approved
      • Exclusive to Certikin

    • Voltage - 50hz single phase 240V 2850rpm
    Three phase 240 / 415V 2850rpm
    • Motor - IP55 totally enclosed fan cooled motor
    and fully CE approved. Class F insulation
    and fitted with thermal protection.
    316 grade stainless steel shaft.
    Supplied with approximately 1.5 metres pre-wired
    cable (single phase only).
    • Maximum water temperature +50 degresC
    • Carton size - 68cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 35cm (H)
    • Volume - 0.07m

    If you require a brochure please download one here on the link Aquaspeed pumps Give Mike Payne a call on Tel 020 577 6669 for further details or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Commercial Swimming Pool Water Filters

The SLX Commercial Swimming Pool Filters

The SLX range is manufactured with a liner employing special resins which form a watertight, anti-corrosive barrier, giving a high chemical resistance to chemicals. Also suitable for salt water pools. An outer fibre-glass shell is then applied to the liner, using the bobbin winding process: this gives the finished tank its final working and test ratings.
The standard filter is manufactured with a polyester shell. For ozone systems a vinylester shell is available upon request.
Commercial Pool Filter

Standard Features - SLX
• Polyester shell linings
• Ø50mm Polypropylene arm collectors
• PVC distribution pipe work
• Automatic air relief valve
• Bolt down lid Ø400mm
• Sand and water drain port
• Complete with pressure gauge panel

If you require further details of the Certikin Commercial Swimming pool filters you can down load the brochure here on the link Commercial filter brochure and technical details If you need an assistance or a quote call Mike Payne on Tel 0208 577669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Commercial Pool Chemicals and Products by Mike Payne

Mike Payne Poolsupplies have been supplying bulk pool commercial chemicals to municipal pools for over 40 years and has a wealth of experience which he is sharing with further articles to be posted here. Mike's knowledge of past and present commercial plant rooms, filters, pumps, chemical dosing equipment and commercial pool chemical supplies is second to none. Carl Payne, that is Mike's son, assists with ordering and has learnt Mike's knowledge through the years. If you have any needs for annual pricing or budgeting for your chemical or pool plant equipment Mike or Carl will be happy to assist you with all your needs, just give them a call on 0208 577 6669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com