Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mike Payne Pool Supplies, suppliers of swimming pool chemicals

Mike Payne goes right back to the infancy of the UK swimming pool trade. Originally working in connection with Mike Braid (swimming pool consultant) and Eddie Mann (swimming pool construction) from a large commercial premises in Stanwell near Staines in the early 1960's.  Mike himself was involved with and ran Stanwell filtration and Swimming Pools Filtration ltd (Swimquip - Swimming pool plant equipment - commercial swimming pool plant room equipment, swimming pool filters, pumps, heat exchangers and boilers). Between the three companies were built some of the most respected municipal swimming pools and school swimming pools of the time, such as Eton College, Wellington College, Lady Eleanor Holles and Tonbridge Boys School.
Now Mike Payne is Mike Payne Pool Supplies  as a well respected company figure within the swimming pool trade and swimming pool manufacturing base. Obviously with the length of service to the swimming pool trade there is not much he doesn't know about or has come across in the past. Mike has his son Carl working with him who will take over the reins when he eventually retires; therefore retaining their customer care knowledge and competitive prices.
Swimming pool cleaning chemicals

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Swimming pool chemicals

Collection of swimming pool chemicals

The core part of Mike Payne Pool Supplies is swimming pool chemicals which he supplies throughout the UK to hotels, schools, colleges and leisure centres. With his long standing contacts with swimming pool chemical distributors Mike Payne Pool Supplies can offer some of the most competitive prices. We supply swimming pool chemicals including Chlorine, HTH Calcium Hypochlorite, Dry Acid Sodium Bisulphate, Chlorine Tablets, DPD test tablets, Phenol Red test Tablets, Trichlor, Bromine, CO2 Carbon Dioxide, Health and Safety chemical handling equipment, Liquid Chlorine 14% - 15% and 10% - 11% strength, Hydrochloric acid, Flocculants and Algeacide. So if you want to save money with your swimming pool chemicals off your supply budget give Mike Payne Pool Supplies a call to see how much you can save!!. Tel 0208 577 6669 or email