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Calorex Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Why buy a Calorex heat pump, what are the savings and efficiencies of installing a heat pump to heat a swimming pool.

The main advantages of a Calorex heat pump
  • 74% less emissions than an oil boiler
  • Low operating cost
  • Designed and built especially for swimming pools
  • water heated to 35°C
  • Simple installation
  • Long lifespan
  • Suitable for swimming pools in operation throughout the year*
  • Minimum maintenance

Types of Calorex Heat Pumps:

Compac Swimming Pool Heat Pump Range:

Compac Heat Pump for swimming Pool from Calorex

How does it work?
Heat is transferred to the pool water from the ambient air using a vapour compressor cycle similar to that found in a refrigerator. Clean and environmentally friendly. The low energy consumption coupled with high heat production makes a Compac heat pump an environmentally friendly way to heat your swimming pool. Unlike alternative ways of heating your pool, the Compac requires no fuel storage tank or high capacity electrical supply and produces no smells, fumes or CO2 gases.

Easy installation
Your Compac heat pump should be installed outdoors, allowing adequate air flow to the unit. It should be installed upstream of any pool purification systems and chemical dosing systems. Care should be taken not to add chemicals directly to the skimmer which would result in concentrated chemical solutions passing directly through the Compac, and water quality should be maintained within recommended
standards to maintain the guarantee.

Low pool heating bills
You pay only for the cost of electricity to run the motor inside – the heat that is absorbed from the air is free, making a Compac heat pump efficient and cost effective.

Com-Pac Heat Pump Range:

AW6CPCompac 6 Heat Pump
AW8CPCompac 8 Heat Pump
AW12CPCompac 12 Heat Pump

Calorex heat pump brochure Compac Brochure and Specification Details

Summer Heating Commercial Range of Heat Pumps:

AW3020BM3020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
AW7020BM7020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
All Year Heating Commercial Range of Heat Pumps:

AW3020BMY3020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø
AW7020BMY7020 Commercial Heat Pump - 3Ø

Calorex Heat Pump Pro-Pac Range

Pro-Pac Heat Pumps For the Summer season

Swimming Pool Pro-Pac Heat Pump Range

The Pro-Pac ‘X’ Range comes complete with an advanced hot gas defrost facility specifically designed for the UK’s changing climate. They can be placed discreetly in the pool area or sited in a plant room. They are quiet, ecologically friendly and economic to run. They come with titanium heat exchangers which are compatible will all types of water treatment. These models are elegant and simple to use. Just set the digital thermostat to ensure fully automatic operation throughout the summer season.

The Pro-Pac ‘Y’ Range are purpose designed for swimming pool heating and can be installed outside or in a plant room. They are highly efficient with a wound tube in tube Titanium condenser and come with a rotary or scroll compressor and water flow switch. They have a
remote thermostat control option and can be fitted with a soft start should the installation require and are produced in 8kW to 22kW sizes, in both single and three phase models.

The Pro-Pac Commercial Range are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of larger pools or those with a high level of activity, such as the leisure industry. Strong and reliable, the Pro-Pac Commercial Range includes five models up to 120kW output and are available in summer and reverse cycle all year round models. Pro-Pac units are quiet and easy to use and
come with titanium heat exchangers, a flow switch, digital thermostat and vertical ventilation as standard.

Brochure and Technical Specifications  Brochure Carolex Pro-Pac Range of Heat Pumps.

Summer Season Heat Pumps:

PPT30BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 30 - 3Ø
PPT45BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 45 - 3Ø
PPT70BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 70 - 3Ø
PPT90BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 90 - 3Ø
PPT140BMPro-Pac Heat Pump 140 - 3Ø

All Year Round Heat Pumps:

PPT16ALYPro-Pac 16 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT16ALYSPro-Pac 16 - 1Ø Heat pump - c/w soft start
PPT22ALYPro-Pac 22 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT12BLYPro-Pac 12 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT16BLYPro-Pac 16 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT8ALYPro-Pac 8 - 1Ø Heat Pump
PPT12ALYPro-Pac 12 - 1Ø Heat pump
PPT22BLYPro-Pac 22 - 3Ø Heat pump
PPT22ALYSPro-Pac 22 - 1Ø Heat pump - c/w soft start
PPT30BMYPro-Pac model 30Y - 3Ø
PPT45BMYPro-Pac model 45Y - 3Ø
PPT70BMYPro-Pac model 70Y - 3Ø
PPT90BMYPro-Pac model 90Y - 3Ø
PPT140BMYPro-Pac model 140Y - 3Ø
If you require any assistance in sourcing your heat pump for your swimming pool give Mike or Carl Payne a call on Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email on

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