Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Swimming Pool Cleaners

    Baracuda Auto Pool Cleaning System MX8:

  • Covers all areas of the pool, no matter what shape or pool floor
  • Captures all types of debris
  • Better coverage for extraordinary cleaning precision
  • New turbine design allows MX8 to operate in low flow conditions
  • Ergonomic molded handle
  • Quick and easy installation

    Super G Plus:
    Designed to reach every last little nook and cranny, the Super G+ avoids all obstacles and climbs the walls, thanks to its double open disc. Fitted with a new, longer-life diaphragm, its cleaning power has been optimised to an even greater degree. The Super G+ has become ultra-strong, thanks to its new, dual-colour hoses constructed with specific materials and treated with a special coating giving the grooves an even longer life-span. To increase efficiency, the Super G+ has been equipped with a new automatic valve and delivered with a leaf trap.

  • Baracuda membrane technology (diaphragm) suction power, reliability and silent operation
  • Notched disc for improved performance
  • Anti-jamming deflector wheel
  • Easy to install
  • Bottoms: flat and gentle slopes
  • Floor cleaning only
  • 2 year warranty

Pool Cleaner from Baracuda
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