Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Commercial Swimming Pool Water Filters

The SLX Commercial Swimming Pool Filters

The SLX range is manufactured with a liner employing special resins which form a watertight, anti-corrosive barrier, giving a high chemical resistance to chemicals. Also suitable for salt water pools. An outer fibre-glass shell is then applied to the liner, using the bobbin winding process: this gives the finished tank its final working and test ratings.
The standard filter is manufactured with a polyester shell. For ozone systems a vinylester shell is available upon request.
Commercial Pool Filter

Standard Features - SLX
• Polyester shell linings
• Ø50mm Polypropylene arm collectors
• PVC distribution pipe work
• Automatic air relief valve
• Bolt down lid Ø400mm
• Sand and water drain port
• Complete with pressure gauge panel

If you require further details of the Certikin Commercial Swimming pool filters you can down load the brochure here on the link Commercial filter brochure and technical details If you need an assistance or a quote call Mike Payne on Tel 0208 577669 or email on mikepayne1@btconnect.com

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