Friday, January 18, 2013

Commercial Swimming Pool Automatic Cleaners

Automatic Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner - Dolphin D3001C

  • Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 Self-Diagnostic Cleaning for Semi Public Pools
  • For public / semi-Olympic pools up to 25m (80’) in length
  • Scrubs, sweeps, vacuums and filters the entire pool in 6 hours
  • Self-programming for optimal scanning of entire midsize pools
  • Climbs walls
  • Air sensor for beach-entry pools
  • Large filter surface
  • Cable length – 30m (100’)
  • Caddy for easy carrying and storage
  • Additional filter bag
  • Please note that Demo Dolphins are available for customers to ’try before they buy’. (UK only)

Commerical Pool Cleaner Dolphin D3001C

    Automatic Commercial Pool Cleaner Dolphin Wave

    The professional, non-compromising answer for systematic, thorough and reliable pool cleaning for Olympic-sized and public-sized pools.

    Scanning: Intelligent navigation system ensures complete coverage of every pool type and shape.
    Brushing: Active brushing system with rotating brushes specially designed to brush, scrub and remove dirt from the pool floor, slopes, edges and corners.
    Filtration: High filtration capacity and super power of 40m3/hr through two unique 50 micron easy-to-replace disposable filter bags. Top, user-friendly access to the filter bags.
    MMI (Man Machine Interface): An interactive state-of-the-art MMI digital user-friendly control panel enabling full control of the cycle time, operation delay, scanning system (navigation, logical), diagnosis of technical function and parameters. Remote control for manual manoeuvring. Self entry and submerging into the pool.
    Safety: Safety and reliability - overload detection mechanism for protection, designing for long-lasting, safe operation with a low voltage of 38 volts.
    Robustness: Robust, heavy-duty design to meet the tough demands of daily use in public pools.
    Warranty: Full 2 year bumper-to-bumper warranty. User-friendly poolside maintenance.

    Dolphin Wave Specification
  • Suction rate – 40m3/hr (10,560 gal/hr)
  • Suction width – 700mm (27.5”)
  • Cable length – 40m (131’)
  • Unit weight – 25kg (55.1 lbs)
  • Unit dimensions – W 700 x L 580 x H 300 mm (W 27.5” x L 22.8” x H 11.8”)
Automatic Commericial Pool Cleaner - Dolphin Wave

Watch the Video of the Wave in Action

Contact mike or Carl Payne for a demo and quote on the commercial pool cleaner Dolphin D3001C or the Dolphin Wave.
Tel: 0208 577 6669 or email

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