Thursday, January 24, 2013

Swimming Pool Maintenance Products

HD70L Liner Vacuum Head
Designed specifically for use in liner pools but suitable for
cleaning concrete pools. The HD70L incorporates a flow
control valve, hard wearing bristles and a clear see-through
body. It is supplied with an 1.5" vacuum hose nozzle.
1.25" nozzles are available upon request.

HD70 FlexVac
Features of the HD70 include a unique flexible body with
encapsulated wheels, an extra long nozzle for 1.5" vacuum
hose, vent holes and attractive design.
FA19 The Fairlocks Vacuum
Still reputed to be the best cleaner available,
the FA19 has a 46 cm (18" head), adjustable brushes,
un-matched manoeuvrability and is suitable for 1.5"
and 2" vacuum hose.

HD66 Pool Brush
Four rows of superior nylon bristle on a tough shaped
polypropylene stock give the HD66 the edge over all other
brushes on the market. Guaranteed to give many years of
service and not to be compared with cheaper alternatives.

HD67 Leaf Net
Very durable frame and integral Pine-mesh net for
removing floating debris on the surface of your pool.

HD68N Leaf Rake
Virtually unbreakable frame with moulded-in net and
scoop for cleaning the bottom of the pool.

HD69 Algae Brush
Specially designed swivel head for easy cleaning of walls
and floors. The high quality stainless steel bristles are ideal
for removing algae from pool wall surfaces.

CX Floating Vacuum Hose
For commercial or private pools, the CX hose is available
in the following lengths of 38mm/1.5": 9 metre (CX9),
12 metre (CX12), 15 metre (CX15), 18 metre (CX18),
25metre (CX25); also available in 50mm (2") in a 20 metre
length (CX20/2). It is suitable for all climates and used
extensively worldwide.

CK48, CK612 & CK816 Telescopic Handles
The grip lock mechanism enables easy adjustment of
pole length and the comfortable hand grip makes use of
the Certikin poles a real pleasure. The poles are designed
for use with any of the Certikin accessories as well as
those manufactured by others. Available in three sizes,
4'–8' (1.22–2.44m), 6'–12' (1.83–3.66m) and 8'–16'

CKC8 Commercial Handle
Supplied in 8' (2.44m) lengths, the poles may be joined
together to achieve a length of up to 24'.

TK111 Pool Test Kits
Simple to use test kits for checking pH and chlorine
or bromine levels. (Other test kits available.)
A choice of three thermometers with a string for securing
to ladder or handrail, all very easy to read in either Celsius
or Fahrenheit:
HD72 Plastic scoop thermometer
HD72F Plastic floating thermometer
CK 82 Chrome plated thermometer

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